What can Paint Magic Kitchens do for my kitchen?
  • Refinish what you have, keeping the same look.
  • Change the color of what you have. E.g., golden oak can be darkened to a cherry or walnut finish.
  • Paint - From white to black or any paint color.
  • Paint and Glaze- This is a classic finish. Very popular today. The cabinets are first painted and then a very light antiquing or glaze is applied by brush.
  • Faux Woodgrain: With our award winning faux finishes we can make your kitchen look like any woodgrain.
  • Metallics: We offer brushed metallic and hand-rubbed finishes for a more contemporary look.
  • Choose any finish from a magazine and we will match it for you.
  • We can install new handles and hinges. Old handle holes can be filled and new handles installed in a different location.
  • We can do minor repairs and adjustments.
  • FREE DESIGN SERVICE: With every kitchen we do we will assist you in choosing your flooring, counter, paint colors, etc. to make sure your new kitchen is the best it can be.
  • Our 32 years of decorating award winning show homes is at your disposal for free.

How does it work?

STEP 1: We design a finish for your kitchen. Samples are done on your cabinet doors for your approval before we proceed.

Doors and drawers are removed and taken to our shop where they are cleaned, sanded and repaired if necessary. They are then primed and finished and new hinges installed if required.

The exposed areas of the cabinets are done in your home. These are the areas fixed in place: such as the frame of the cabinet, baseboard, microwave shelf, end panels, island, etc. This usually takes 2-3 mornings.

STEP 4: The doors and drawers are re-installed in less than a day.
  • The process, start to finish, is 6-7 days for an average kitchen.
  • You do NOT have to empty the cabinets. Only drawers.
  • The process is fast and clean - there are no strong paint odors. All our products are environmentally friendly water-based products. New technology has made these products tough and durable. We guarantee our finishes for 2 years.